Advocating the fun and sport of rafting.


Our Mission is simple: We take outdoor recreation seriously.  We want everyone to enjoy outdoor activities whether on water or land for generations to come.  This last part is the crux of the statement.  We must all come together, not only the outdoor community but everyone, to commit to maintaining and sustaining our natural outdoor spaces.  

To this end we are committed to providing qualified information on outdoor activities and recreation in all regions of the country.  This information is not only to provide direction but is also to make sure that our land and water usage will be maintained and sustained in those areas for future generations to come.  We actively support with our money and time organizations that work toward this end.


Our Advisory Board and Contributors

Rob Paden:  All-around good guy and owner of the largest outfitter in the Ocoee rafting region. 

Doug Simmons:  30 + years in whitewater as a guide, manager and owner.

Emma Ford:  White water advocate and former president of the Tennessee Valley Canoe Club.  TVCC members are white water as well as flat water paddler.

Charlie Walbridge:  30 + years in whitewater, avid boater, written several white water safety books and travels the country promoting white water recreation.